Bearded men! (not really)

Ever since we did the bath painting at the beginning of the month, at every bath time Mabel has asked if it will be an ‘exciting’ one or a ‘normal’ one. She has been pleading to paint in there again so I felt obliged to do it all again for her!

I researched some more painting ideas and settled on using shaving foam. My husband was slightly alarmed when he saw the shaving foam in the shopping bag, being a bearded man. I think he thought I was dropping unsubtle hints! I quickly explained it was for the kids and not for him (I am a big fan of a bearded man!)


This was even more straight forward than the previous recipe. All that is needed is shaving foam and food colouring. That is it! I have never really used shaving foam before, so I didn’t know how forceful I could be with it when mixing in the colouring. I didn’t want it to lose its plump! But I quickly discovered that I could whisk the colouring in with a bit of elbow grease. The colours are much more subtle, and very pretty!


The tactile element of the shaving foam was amazing. A slightly fraught start to the bath time (I wasn’t quite ready and they were desperate to get on with it) turned into a really serene and calm bath time. They spent quite a long time painting with it and then just touching it with their hands and mixing the colours. This didn’t end up in a slightly brown mess, like the previous one, which was nice.


Then when it was time to wash it away, I once again got a full bath scrub down and clean. Result! Once all the shaving foam had gone (it washed away really easily) they spent a while playing with the foil dishes I had used. Filling them up and tipping them out. Then it was on to playing with the sponges and brushes. They have a new game where they both put in a sponge in their mouth and then try and clean the side of the bath with it. This results in a lot of giggles.


Once they were both showered and clean it was time to get out and snuggle into their Hooded Owls. Mabel has started getting out at the same time as Eric and coming into his room. They make islands out of their towels and pretend to be an animal, jumping from one island to another. Well, that’s what Mabel does. Eric just copies anything that she does. Which is rather cute and endearing. And then Mabel goes and gets one of her books to read to Eric whilst sitting in his bed. He doesn’t listen, he has to go and find one of his own books and starts reading back to her. It can get a bit confusing!


The only downside of this new bedtime routine, is that when Mabel is ready to leave, Eric gets really upset. We recently realised that Eric’s name for me, Mama, is also the same name he uses for Mabel. So, more cuddles for Eric were needed, and then off to the lad of nod for him.