Bubble and (toy) soup

Ah bath times. A daily occurrence, and one that sometimes I love and sometimes I hate. I love the fun and the giggles. I hate it when it’s a tired wet stress, resulting in a wet bathroom floor and sometimes a wet me. (I am hoping that we have all been there?)


I am lucky that both Mabel and Eric have loved having baths right from an early age, so we have never had to fight to get them in there. Although we do sometimes have to fight to get them out!


So this post is just about every day bath toys in our house, and over the next few posts I’ll share a few games and other fun things that we do at bath time. Eric has a bath every day, mainly because, being a toddler, on a day to day basis he gets half the food he consumes in his hair, or over his face or somewhere it shouldn’t be! Or like yesterday, he was helping me dig in the garden. That definitely required a bath! But we have included a bath as part of the bedtime regime, right from the early days. Originally it was to help relax and unwind. Now, when both of them are in there together it tends to wind them both up! At least it gets rid of the last bit of energy of the day and it’s a signal that bed time is imminent.


We like lots of bubbles in the bath, and lots of toys. Some days you almost can’t see any water because it’s like toy soup! Our top bath toy, that are consistently played with, would be the stacking cups. Eric just loves filling them up and tipping them into each other. Mabel now likes to build water towers with them. Stacking them upside down, filling each cup as she goes and then the race is on to get it finished before the water escapes. Maybe she’ll be an engineer when she grows up?


Another favourite is anything that can tipped from one vessel to another. So we have a range of cups, pots, and I recently added a plastic teapot that came in a cheap tea set at Christmas. This has been a huge success, because the arc of water that comes form the spout is great! (I have had to share many cups of bath water out of that teapot.) But by far, one of the favourite things is just a bit of recycling, empty bubble bath bottles, these are great fun, as they hold a lot more water and empty out with a big gush! Plus they change every time one is finished, so the shape and size of them is different, which is always a positive to a little person, something new! Add to the entertainment with the excitement of a lid! And you are good to go. This also helps with the development of the fine motor skills. Being able to put a lid on and screw it in place is quite a tricky manoeuvre to pin down and one that Eric has mastered a couple of times so far.


Obviously every bath time ends in our house, with a big snuggly cuddle in one of our Hooded Owls. Mabel was disappointed tonight because she wanted the fishes and that was in the wash. (Minus Mummy Points for me there!) Eric was more than happy with his Tractors as that’s one of his current favourite words. I was just happy that I had got away with not having wet jeans! That’s a win for me.