Goldfish and birthdays

Oh, it's been a busy old week. Mabel had a hectic penultimate week at school, the culmination of which was a Fun Day on the Friday with a ‘sea’ theme. The children had to go to school dressed up in a sea-related costume. After some discussion Mabel chose to be a jellyfish. So, most of last week's evenings were taken up creating said masterpiece. 

Whilst over on our Instagram feed we had another Trim Week. This week we were all about the Goldfish towel. You can find it included in our summer special offer at the moment. So, if you need a towel for holidays, the beach or for drying off from the paddling pool, now is the time to purchase this bright pink fluffy towel with a lovely goldfish blowing pink bubbles on the trim. 


The felt fish that I posted on Wednesday were some that I made a while ago for Mabel. They were very simple to make and have been used hundreds of times, in various situations. I just cut a simple fish shape out of felt, sewed around the edge (you can either do this by hand or by machine) and then stuffed them with the filling from a cheap pillow. Finally I added either a sequin or a bead for the eyes. I need to make some more really as Mabel keeps asking for them in different colours!

On Friday we did one of our favourite free activities! Our local garden centre has quite a good pet department with a huge wall of fish. Fish of all varieties, not just goldfish! We can spend ages in there studying our swimming friends. Then the other small animals they have. Also the cafe which does amazing handmade cake. Then the little play area. Then a little potter around the garden centre. We can be there for hours sometimes! I am contemplating getting Mabel a goldfish for Christmas. She keeps asking for a pet and I think a goldfish is not only a good place to start, but also the only creature that her Daddy will let her have at the moment! So, I could also do a bit of research as we wandered around. 

On Saturday morning, in between cleaning and tidying, we whipped up some goldfish crafty action. Keep your eyes peeled for a full rundown on what we did over the next few days. It was simple and straightforward and kept both of them quiet for ages!

And finally, today is a special one in our house as it’s Eric’s second birthday! I thought his first year flew by. This one has been on hyper-speed! We had a little family party yesterday for him as we always do, and then today whilst Mabel was at school we popped over to our local farm park. Eric loved feeding the animals and stroking a barn owl. Unfortunately it started to rain just as we got there so we didn’t stay as long as normal, but it was lovely to do something to celebrate his birthday. Happy, happy birthday to my wonderful, funny two year old!

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