Foaming dinosaurs

Last week we did our first Trim Week over on Instagram, where the week's worth of pictures are dedicated to one of our trims. (Did you know that we live over on Instagram too? If you are on there pop over and give us a follow, we’ll follow back!) We started with Dinosaurs as they are currently a favourite in our house. Oh who am I trying to kid? They are a constant favourite in our house! Eric does a fabulous roar, and Mabel does an uncanny impression of an Allosaurus.


So over the week the various dinosaur members of our house got up to all sorts of mischief. We kicked off with some sensory shaving foam fun. I had planned this to just be an Eric activity whilst Mabel was off swimming, but we were still at it when she returned home. As soon as she saw that we were up to something she had stripped off and was in the bath in a flash. 

It was very straightforward, just a box of various plastic dinosaurs and some shaving foam. I added a touch of blue and green food colouring to create the effect of landscape, but I don’t think Eric noticed to be fair! I put three blobs of shaving foam in the bath and popped the dinosaurs in, and then added my toddler into the mix. 

He loved pulling the dinosaurs out and finding them covered in foam. I was worried that I didn’t have enough foam, but it was fine and actually goes quite a long way, even when it doesn’t look like much. 


He enjoyed covering the dinosaurs all over and then covering himself! Then he grabbed the paintbrushes that seem to live in the bathroom now, and started painting any missing bits of dinosaur with foam. This kept him quiet for ages and he was quite particular in getting them covered.


Then we started to wash the foam off. To start I just gave him a little jug and the teapot filled with water and he carefully washed them clean. I realised that this was going to take forever, so I added the shower into the mix. He always likes it when we put the shower on, and he loved rinsing the dinosaurs off whilst I was rinsing him off. 

We were almost done when Mabel put in an appearance. I had to add more shaving foam so that she could have a go, so I was back where I started! Eric loved showing Mabel what he had been doing, and she enjoyed covering the dinosaurs in foam too. After most of the dinosaurs had been re-covered in foam (there was no foam left now, so we had no choice but to stop!) we started to rinse them off again. 


It was only once we were out the bath that I realised Eric had foam all over his face still. He looked like he had done a bad shaving job on himself! I’m sure it won’t be the last time. 


The rest of Dinosaur Trim Week involved some dinosaur adventures in the garden, more bath play, reading dinosaur books and the creation of a dinosaur board on our Pinterest page. (More of that at a later date!) Keep your eyes peeled for our next one coming up shortly. I just need to decide which of our lovely trims to focus on next!