Rainbow bath time


Time for a bit of a creative bath time today, with some homemade bath paint. Maybe not one for people that don’t like mess (read my husband for that, who stuck his head round the bathroom door to see what all the whoops and giggles were about and then made a swift exit when he saw what was happening!) But the good thing is, that the cleaning up of this was half the fun, so the kids were entertained and I ended up with a scrubbed and gleaming bath!

So, to make the paint you will need:

1 cup of white or clear bubble bath or body wash
4 tbsp of cornflour
A few drops of food colouring


Start by mixing the cornflour into the bubble bath (this takes a bit of elbow grease for it to dissolve). Then divide it into the number of colours that you have, I used six. Just add a couple of drops of the food colouring and give it a good stir. (I did do a stain test on the bath first. I’d recommend you do the same if you are at all worried about any staining!) If you make more than you need, you can just put it in a lidded container and save it for later.


Then it’s time to get creative. I striped the kids off, popped them into an empty bath and gave them the paint and paint brushes. Mabel was slightly amazed to begin with. “What? I can paint the bath?!” She exclaimed! Eric typically, tried to eat it. It didn’t take much for them to get going though, and soon the bath was a rainbow of colour and they were both having great fun.


Mabel then moved it on to trying to do hand prints. I said that she could paint her arms and legs if she wanted, which she thought was hilarious for at least a second, and then she slapped some on. And then she slapped some on Eric too!


I think that they would have happily painted the bath and each other all night, but time was ticking and we needed to actually have a bath. So we did a first rinse and got rid of most of the leftover paint and then I handed over the sponges and washing up brushes that we used for the washing of the cars with Eric a couple of weeks ago. I actually think that they almost enjoyed the cleaning as much as the actual painting! They loved sponging down the bath and they scrubbed and they cleaned until the bath was gleaming!


Once most of the cleaning was done, we started to fill the bath up. The one downside was that as the left over paint mixed together it turned into a slightly muddy looking bath. However, anyone that knows Mabel will know that she loves animals and has a great imagination for pretending to be various beasts. So our discussion of muddy baths led on to what type of animals like mud and after discussing pigs and hippos we moved onto elephants and soon enough Mabel was an elephant bathing in mud to protect its skin from the sun.

Such a colourful bath time naturally led on to some bright Hooded Owls for drying off. So we cracked open the bright blue cars for Eric and a hot pink with hearts and flowers trim for Mabel. A great colourful, bubbly bath time finished off with a colourful, snuggly hug or two.


As I put Mabel to bed this evening, the last thing she said to me was, “Mummy, can we paint the bath again tomorrow?” I’ll take that as a successful bath time.