Raindrops keep falling on my head

We were just getting used to the glorious back-to-back sunshine last week, when the heavens opened on Saturday and it rained. And rained. And rained. All. Day. Long. Faced with being stuck inside with two little people I was racking my brain as to what we could do, and then I had a lightbulb moment. Let’s go outside! It’s so obvious now. It wasn’t cold, just wet, and what is more fun than a good old splash about in the rain? (Especially when you are aged five and (almost) two.)

So, we waterproofed ourselves up. This only took about four hours to achieve, and then we headed out into the rain. We started just with the pure enjoyment of having a splash around and the wonder that they were allowed out in the rain. Thinking about it now, I can’t actually believe that I have never done this before! Perhaps because I normally like a lovely, lazy pyjama day when it’s raining? As per usual Eric had a car in each hand, so they came out into the rain too. We had great fun zooming Lightning McQueen through the puddles, closely followed by a few dunks at the water table that was full to overflowing. I tipped some of it out which created more shrieking.

Then I got the bubbles out. Who knew how much fun bubbles in the rain are? Trying to pop them before the raindrops did created lots of giggling and chasing. It also gave the decking an extra wash! The bubbles seemed to stay much longer on hands and arms too, so we did lots of bubble catching. 

Mabel was really good at this, and unsurprisingly Eric not so much, but he showed plenty of willing and 100% effort.


Finally we went off on a snail hunt, and do you know what? We found one measly snail. ONE! Obviously as a gardener, I should be happy with this. As the head of a snail hunt, not so much.

On the way back inside we found a few more puddles to jump in, and we did a bit more bubble blowing for good luck. Once back in the warmth it was time to strip off and have a hot chocolate. I think this is the first time that Eric has had a hot chocolate. He approved of it greatly, especially the whipped cream and marshmallows that came with it as a special treat.

The main downside to our rainy, splashy trip outside was that every twenty minutes or so, for the rest of the day, Eric would go to the patio door and request to go outside again. I tried to explain that all his waterproof clothing was now wet, but he didn’t quite understand. Rather he didn’t want to accept that as a reason not to go back out. I managed to distract him until it was time for a bath, and time to get all wet again, this time without all his waterproof clothing and alas no hot chocolate!