Soup, anyone?

With the glorious spring weather that we have been enjoying, I decided to set up a fun activity in the garden. It is turning out that Eric is a huge lover of being out in the garden with me, which I am loving. Mabel is more inclined to have an hour or so out there and then decide that she has had enough. But Eric is banging on the door to go out first thing in the morning, which, as a garden lover myself, is fantastic!

sensory soup

I have been thinking back to what sort of things I liked to do as a child in the garden and the first thing that sprang to mind, was to make lotions and potions. I was forever putting rose flowers in water to make ‘perfume’, did everyone do that? So I did a bit of research and discovered that it now has name; Sensory Soup! Further research showed that there are a million different recipes and ways to create your soup, so I set about gathering the equipment and making plans.

measuring spoons

I made the same error that I have done previously, and that is to unleash the kids on the task before I am 100% set up and ready. (Such a rookie error!) I was kicking myself even more, as I could have easily got it set up whilst Eric was still napping and before I went collect Mabel from school. As soon as they knew I was planning something, they were all over me, which was a little stress inducing and something that I won’t do again!

jam pan

The main vessel for the soup was a large clear storage container. I also remembered about the old jam pan that we have in the garage which was perfect for the ‘cooking’ and ‘mixing’ of the soup. They loved plonking the lid on and off and stirring the soup.

dandelion bucket

So, what actually is in the soup? I decided to do an orange and yellow soup, the main base being Dandelions. I am currently waging a war against Dandelions in the garden. We have an area in the front garden that is wild flowers, the Ox-Eye Daisies are just coming up, but so are the dreaded Dandelions! So to begin I set them both on to picking as many Dandelions as possible. (See what I did there? Getting them to de-weed the garden! Ha ha!)


These were added to water that has been coloured with food colouring. We had a few oranges and lemons that were past their best in the fruit bowl so I chopped them up to add to the colour. And that was it.


I then armed them with a range of utensils. I made sure that there were two ladles, as I had a feeling that they would both want to slop the soup around, and I was right! I also gathered bowls and measuring cups and some other bits and bobs and then I set them free. At last!

soup bowls

Straight away they started mixing, ladling and generally slopping the soup around. Then Mabel became the waitress and Eric the chef and I had to pretend to consume A LOT of sensory soup! The soup was moved from container to pan and back again and in and out of pots and bowls. They both got soaked, but that was expected, they had a whale of a time!


To be fair, there wasn’t a lot of soup left to clear up once teatime came around, but the great thing was that (having strained the flowers and fruit out) it could just be tipped out onto the garden, and they enjoyed doing that too! Unfortunately, Eric then discovered the joy of sitting in the flower bed and digging with my trowel, so he ended up a big muddy mess. I had to strip him off and transfer him straight into the bath. There were more giggles during bath time and giggly Hooded Owl cuddles afterwards. I am loving these sunny spring days, I hope that they last a while longer so that I can concoct more soup recipes!

eric giggles
eric dinos
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