Summertime strawberries

Another week, another trim focused theme. This week, to tie in with the wonderful Wimbledon, we have been focusing on the lovely bright pink Strawberries Hooded Owl. 


I love strawberries. I love them most of all still warm from the sun, straight off the plant. I have very fond memories of going to Pick Your Own farms when I was little. Carrying one of the cardboard baskets and filling it with plump, red, strawberries. I also vividly remember the rule that it was one strawberry for the basket and one for my mouth! So, when this week came around, with the Strawberries Hooded Owl as my focus, the first thing to pop into my head was to go strawberry picking and to take my favourite little man with me. I had a feeling that he would like it almost as much as me.


I was quite surprised to find that there don’t seem to be quite as many PYO places around anymore. I don’t know if that is a sign of the times? The nearest one was actually a 30 minute drive from me, which feels as though it kind of negates the process, but I was doing it more for the experience than to save any precious pennies.


I found the farm that we went to from the website, which lists all the PYO farms in the UK. Very useful!  Of course, Eric fell asleep on the way there. I sat in the car park for an hour and a half, letting him sleep. To be fair it wasn’t any hardship. I had a lovely view of the Derbyshire countryside and a lovely cool breeze. I was just a bit miffed that I didn’t have my crochet with me to while away the time!

When he eventually woke up we pottered off with our cardboard basket (It is so strange how an inanimate object can stir such emotion and memories!) to go and see what we could find.

Straight away he was very excited, but it was mainly because we were quite close to the airport and an aeroplane was coming in overhead! Once that had passed over he was quickly involved in the strawberry picking. He was really good to begin with and the basket was filling up quickly.

Then he developed an interest in the green unripe fruit rather than the lovely juicy red berries! He is just learning his colours at the moment. Blue is currently favourite. Everything is blue when you ask him what colour something is, but he happily accepts the correct colour when you tell him. I kept asking him to pick the red fruit, not the green, so he was chattering away to himself and every other word I heard was ‘red’.

As I think every child before him, he ate each alternate strawberry that he picked. He is a real fruit bat anyway, and strawberries are a particular favourite of his. He was in strawberry heaven!

It wasn’t long before our basket was almost full and we decided to go and pay for them. He very gallantly tried to carry the basket for me, before realising that a basket full of strawberries is actually rather heavy!


When Mabel got home from school we told her all about our strawberry adventures and she was eager to tuck into some of our pickings. She quickly declared that she didn’t actually like strawberries and that she was off to play in the paddling pool! Oh, the fickle tastebuds of a five year old.


To coincide with our strawberry week we have been running our first Instagram giveaway competition, and asking our followers to submit their own strawberry shots. I’m happy to say that @hmcmanus won a lovely Hooded Owl with this great shot of a strawberry cocktail! We like it when people think outside the box! Keep your eyes peeled for any future giveaways, both here and on Instagram and our Facebook page.


As ever, to coincide with a Trim Week, we have a new board on our Pinterest page to complement our trim. Pop over there if you want any strawberry shaped inspiration and keep those eyes peeled to see which Hooded Owl will be featured in our next trim week soon.

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