Sunshine, mud and sunflower seeds

What lovely Easter weather we have been having! We have been making the most of it, by being out in the garden. It feels like it is the first time this year that we have properly been able to be out there without it being a complete mud bath. (Although, having said that, Eric has still managed to get covered in mud several times!)

We decided to make the most of the sunshine by doing a couple of spring time jobs. One of the most important ones was to plant our Sunflower seeds. Mabel and I have done this every year since she was big enough to help, but this was the first year that Eric was able to join in. And he joined in with gusto!

I started off by making sure I had everything to hand and ready to go. Then Mabel counted out the 15 pots and they both were let free to fill them up with compost, much to Eric’s joy!

Once all the pots were ready to go, we opened the seeds and studied them. We concluded that they were stripy and that it was most impressive that such a big flower could grow out of a small seed. We popped one seed into each pot and gently made sure that they were covered with compost.


Then we moved onto the best bit - watering them in! We had to search around a bit to find a watering can for both of them, then we filled them up and gave them all a good old water.


Finally we put them on a nice warm and sunny windowsill inside. Mabel had already checked them about 35 times by bedtime to see whether any had started to grow!


After so much fun out in the garden a bath was well needed! There was compost down everyone’s fingernails so we had to find the nail brush. Eric thought the nailbrush was hilarious for some reason. But whatever the reason was, he was very willing to have the compost scrubbed away. The giggles carried on right from bath time and into bed. Mabel has been on top comedy form this Easter break, making herself, Eric and me giggle on a daily basis. So good for the soul, much better than a ton of Easter eggs.


I’ll keep you posted on the growth of the Sunflowers, and it would be great to hear if you have planted any this weekend too. I’m guessing there won’t be any ready to bloom by the morning, much to Mabel’s disappointment. But maybe we can have a Hooded Owls Sunflower-growing competition!