The first post...

Well hello! And welcome to the new Hooded Owls blog. We are here to share the life of living with small people, seeing them grow and blossom, and share the love they create on the way. (And the mess and giggles!)

My name is Jess, and I am Mum to Mabel and Eric. We live in Derbyshire, on the edge on the very beautiful Peak District, which you will hopefully see quite a bit of as we get out and about, making the most of the beautiful environment that we live in.

Mabel is at a wonderful stage in life where she is learning about everything and is an absolute sponge. She spends hours reading and looking at books and currently loves a big book all about animals which we gave her for Christmas. (I have to admit it is rather interesting and I have found myself a bit lost in it on several occasions!) And also a pictorial childrens encyclopaedia. (Which has taught me a thing or two when we have been studying it together.) She is a wonderful big sister to Eric, and since she first held him when he was a week old (yes, it took her a week to pluck up the courage to hold him!) she hasnt looked back. And he adores her. When he first started smiling, she got all the smiles. I tried not to take this personally, being his mother and all that.


Eric has a can do attitude. Which usually explains the constant cuts and bruises to his head, when he thinks he 'can do' something, but his brain and his feet haven't quite got the coordination right yet. Add in to the mix the fact that he has that wonderful toddler no fearattitude, which has resulted already in several A&E visits, a couple of scars and many many bruises. He is just starting to talk and babbles to himself in his own language a lot. His two main words are pasta and car, which sums him up perfectly!


I gave up my job as a college lecturer over five years ago now to be a stay at home Mum. I thought teaching was hard, but it has nothing on being a Mum. (Although there is a lot less paperwork in the Mum role, which is a bonus.) I love that I am lucky enough to see my little people grow up. It's all swings and roundabouts I guess.


With a background in design, I love all things creative, and when I do get some precious time to myself, when I don't have a small child swinging from my leg or I'm not falling asleep in my tea, I usually have a little crochet or sewing project on the go. I also love doing things with the children and getting them creative, so I will hopefully be posting lots of projects on here that we have done together. I cant guarantee that they will all be successful, but well have fun giving them a go, and will hopefully give you a few ideas too.


We have been using Hooded Owls for quite a time now, and they are ace! I particularly like the way they fold up. Its the perfectionist in me, but I love how when you fold them up, the hood folds in and they kind of automatically fold into the right shape and look neat! (If you have one, you will know what I meanhopefully, so I dont just sound bonkers!) I met Charlie, the talent behind Hooded Owls, many years ago. She went to university with my lovely husband, and as a result we became friends. We were laughing the other day about how my adventures with the children so often end up messy or muddy and needing a bath, so she has asked me to document some of our time for the new Hooded Owls blog


Anyway, thats enough babble from me, and I need to go and pick Mabel up from school. Ill be back soon.

Jess X