The ultimate bath toy

Ooh, this was such a success! I’d seen this idea online and thought I would give it a go on the Hooded Owls blog.

I have seen how much fun can be gained from a run of the mill marble run, so I had a good feeling that creating one for water, in the bath would be greatly appreciated. I especially hoped that it would be successful as Eric has suddenly decided that bath time means he should throw cupfuls of water over the edge of the bath onto the floor. Obviously to his almost twenty month old brain that is great fun. To my 40 year old brain, and the one that has to mop it up, not so much.


So, to start you need some suction cups. I found them easily on good old eBay. I paid a couple of pounds for 20. You need to make sure that they are the ones that have the indentations, this will become clear why shortly. Then you need a range of pipes. Different shapes, waste pipes, u-bends, elbows. You get the gist! I also decided to chuck a funnel into the mix.


Then you get your drill, and using a drill bit between the size of the sucker and the indentation on your suction cup, drill holes in your various pipes. I think mine was an eight.


Once you have your holes, you can shove the suction cup in, (I found I needed to help it in with a screwdriver.) and it should sit on the indentation, that’s what they are there for! Then you are pretty much good to go. You can arrange them on the wall in whatever format you like, or let your little person arrange them and figure out that they have to be placed a certain way to flow into one another.


Once I had done the pipes, I had an idea to add a recycled bubble bath bottle. I did the same as the pipes, with the suction cup, and I also drilled lots of little holes in the bottom, to make a little shower.


Well, Mabel couldn’t get her clothes off and in the bath quick enough when she saw them on the wall. (And of course Eric had to do the same as her. Although he didn’t know quite why they were rushing. And he can’t actually undress himself yet, so he just ended up falling over while trying to remove his socks in a hurry.)


They had a whale of a time. It was lovely to see them playing together on it, working as a team. They realised that some of them could twist and tip the other way, and they rearranged them a bit and moved some other funnels which I had added around. They found various different vessels to fill up and tip into them.


And I am happy to say that Eric wasn’t at all interested in tipping water over the side of the bath and onto the floor. Instead he was ready to snuggle up on the dry bath mat, in his Hooded Owl. He has just realised that he can do the poppers up on them. Well, actually he can’t, but he spends ages trying to!


I found myself this evening, wandering around the house looking for suitable items that I could drill holes in and stick to the wall! I shall keep you updated of my progress, and let me know if you try it and have any great ideas to add!

(It may look from these images that Eric has a crazy hairstyle. That crazy hairstyle is today sponsored by ‘lets put our yogurt in our hair rather than in our mouth.’ Sigh.)