Toy car wash

So off we go with our first proper post. I was planning to write about our favourite games for bath time, but then this sort of happened so I went with it.


Eric loves playing with water and I love seeing him have a good time. But I also love this particular activity because it keeps him happily occupied while I get some tasks done alongside him. So whilst he is having a good old car wash then I can empty and reload the dishwasher, put the washing on, tidy the kitchen. The usual glamorous tasks that I deal with on a day to day basis.

Id normally recommend doing this on the kitchen floor, because then once they are done car washing, you can then use the motivation to mop your floor with the splashed water. (Yes, I need that kind of motivation to make me mop the kitchen floor!) But our kitchen is awaiting renovation and the inherited vinyl floor is stuff of nightmare and not something that I am quite ready to share with you all just yet, so we did it in the dining room today. If you dont have a floor in need of a wash , its easy to set up elsewhere as I have done here. The pink mat here is one that I originally bought when I started to wean Mabel to protect the floor from flying food, but now it is free to be used for craft activities, which is actually what its intended for. Although obviously you can use any kind of  waterproof mat, a cheap shower curtain would be ideal.


The large plastic tray is just one normally used for gardening and again saves too many splashes when we are in the dining room. Eric likes just sitting in it when its empty! And obviously putting anything and everything in it, as toddlers do. Then you need a selection of vehicles. I try and make sure we don't use any that have stickers on them and wooden ones dont like being wet for long periods of time. Finally, a range of washing utensils. I just got a selection from the local cheap and cheerful shop, trying to get a range of textures, shapes and colours. I used a large roasting tray and filled it up with warm water and some bubble bath and off he went!


I like to set things up and just let him figure them out without too much direction. He was straight in there, chucking in the cars and trucks then I put the other bits next to him and he chucked them in too and started giving everything a good old scrub.


Obviously this extends itself to all manner of different things. A water tea party, giving the farm animals a wash, a prehistoric dinosaur clean, whatever floats your little persons boat.


I knew he was bound to get a bit wet! Which I dont mind at all when I know its coming. (Im not so relaxed when he starts playing in a bucket of water and I have no spare clothes with me!) So once his attention was starting to wain I whipped him out of his wet clothes and we had a cuddle with him wrapped in his Hooded Owl. It was boats today, how apt! Then it was time for a biscuit and a cup of coffee. (The coffee for me, not him, obviously!)