Chalk and talk

Some of you may know, (and some of you may not!) my husband is a photographer. Most of his work is based around weddings. This means that most Saturdays (and various other days) throughout the spring and summer I have to solo parent. On these days I try and occupy us as much as possible. I try and go out to make the day go quicker and to keep us all entertained so that long lonely days don’t stretch out ahead of me.

Luckily, where we live there are lots of free family events planned over the coming weeks and I am intending to make the most of them. Today we went to a free festival called Belper Goes Green. We had a lovely time, although Eric missed most of it by having a gigantic sleep. (But when you have decided that your day will begin at 5am, a gigantic sleep, I guess is inevitable!) After lunch and some face painting, we wandered home.


As well as looking for cheap/free entertainment outside the house, I am always trying to find cheap ways to entertain them at home. Once we arrived home this afternoon, I armed them both with some pavement chalks that I had bought ages ago and totally forgotten about. I can remember chalking on the ground when I was little, and loving it. I’m not sure why we haven’t done it before. I think that sometimes you forget the simple, straight forward and easy things. (I do anyway!)


Our driveway out the front is next on my jet washing list (see my last blog post about the wonders of jet washing!) So please excuse the moss and grass, but it made a great surface to do some drawing on. They both love to draw so this kept them entertained for ages.


Eric’s mind eventually wandered back to his cars and he went back to play with them, so I suggested to Mabel that she drew some roads for him to drive down. The blocks in the paving lent themselves brilliantly to roadways and they both enjoyed driving the cars around. I was all for for drawing trees and flowers along the roadside, but I had to go and put tea in the oven. I am definitely doing that next time!


When we were in town earlier in the day, we had made the extravagant purchase from the pound shop, of a Click and Catch ball popper. They had great fun pinging the balls, with lots of giggling and chasing around. Then I had the inspired idea to draw some targets for Mabel to get the balls on, on the floor. As she scored we wrote her tally in chalk. A lovely chance to practice some mental arithmetic. Then we moved on to trying to shoot them into the recycling containers! It was good target practice! So several hours of play for just a couple of pounds.  


Once we were done we decided to wash the drawings away with the watering cans. We are expecting rain tomorrow which would have done the job, but who can turn down a bit of water play? So with watering cans filled, they set about watering the driveway. Maybe next time I’ll get the jet wash out!


I was slightly dreading today, but it has been lovely. Mabel sat next to me just before bedtime and unprompted, declared: “Mummy, I have loved today!” It doesn’t get much better than that. Eric had a successful bath time, and went all necessary when he saw me get a clean Hooded Owl out of the airing cupboard. (I'm not sure why, it is one he has seen before!) Hopefully all these long lonesome Saturdays won’t be so bad after all.