With a splish and a splash!

I had a light bulb moment on Thursday evening as I pondered what I could do with Eric the following day. I knew that the weather would be good, so I was aiming for something based outside. That was when I remembered that a local park had, last year, had its old outdated paddling pool replaced with a modern splash park. I had planned to visit it last summer, but the building of it was delayed. Then the local water supplier had issues connecting the water so that it wasn’t actually completed until the autumn, when it was wet and cold and really not splash park weather! 


So, off we headed armed with swimwear, our Hooded Owl and a plastic watering can. From previous water play I have found that it is always good to have some kind of vessel to add to the fun. I was really impressed with the park when we got there.


Once changed, Eric was straight into the action. He liked the troughs filling with water and his trusty watering can was put straight to work. It actually took him a while to notice that there was more to explore. I love to watch him register his surroundings and to see his face when he sees something new. He noticed some little fountains of water first and enjoyed going back and forth between the two as they took turns to spurt up and down. He loved putting his hands in them and trying to stop the water.

As he got braver he started to explore the bigger bits of equipment that dripped and dropped water all over the place. This end of the park was a little trickier for me as I kept getting wet, which of course Eric thought was hilarious! 

I couldn’t quite encourage him to be brave enough to go through the semi-circle of water that shot out every now and then. It almost caught him (and me!) off guard a couple of times. 


After a while I had a sit down on the grass and enjoyed the sunshine. The park was a bit busier by this point and Eric soon joined me and raided all the snacks in my bag. (I must remember to restock before we go out again!) I wish I had planned ahead a bit better and thought about bringing a picnic. Two children, and five and half years of parenting under my belt, and you’d think I would think of these things by now! 

Eric dragged me back into the water for some more playing before we dried off my feet (and all of Eric) and headed to the play park right next door before wandering back to find the car.

We had a lovely morning and he fell asleep as soon as we pulled away from the car park. I will definitely be going back, assuming the good weather stays with us. Next time I’ll take Mabel with us. I know for certain that she will be running through that semi-circle of water!

Jess WallisComment