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I bought 3 of these towels for my 2,4 & 6 yrs old and they’re brilliant! They allow me to get each child out the bath and get them dried off without them dripping all over the place, and whilst they’re waiting to get into the bath, they run around pretending they’re superheroes! Double the fun

Thank you for the towels – the children love them. Angus keeps asking if he can have a bath!!

I absolutely love the new towel and it’s perfect for my 13 month old…. washes lovely and is really soft and fluffy and would totally recommend….

I think the towels are fabulous, they are a great size and very good quality – nice and thick!  The hood is a great idea and my little boy enjoys acting out certain star wars characters when he is using his towel!

I am so pleased with the towels. They are really good quality and worth every penny. My four year old is as tall as most six year olds, so he needs a big towel. I love that the towels are so cosy and he is dry nearly as soon as it’s wrapped around him. He loves pretending to be a king/villain/wizard etc in his hooded ‘cloak’ and playing these games actually encourages him out of the bath – result!

I’m really excited about these towels – I’ve been looking for something like this for ages but couldn’t find anything!

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the beautiful towels. I ordered two from you at the [Christmas Gift Fair], one navy for my 7 yr old daughter and one pink for my 5 yr old daughter – you advised on the trims and you were spot on. They were very popular Christmas presents and the girls love them! They are so sumptuously thick, I am a bit envious and wonder when you will start making adult sizes …! Great customer service, too.

My grandaughters were really excited with their towels and I was very impressed with the personal service and speed of delivery.

Just to say thanks for the towels, the kids love them and have been wearing them most of the day over their clothes lol!!  Really lovely and soft which is just what I wanted.

I just wanted to let you know how much my daughter loves the pink hooded towel – there used to be a lot of moaning while getting dry after swimming lessons but now she’s lovely and warm and can take her swimsuit off inside the towel, swimming lessons are whinge-free! I’ve ordered one for my son now – he hasn’t started lessons yet but he’s v jealous when we all go swimming together and asked for a towel like his sister’s.  Brilliant idea and great quality towels.

Exceptional customer service, providing regular updates on order status & delivery.  The quality of the towels is of a high standard and really soft to touch.

Thank you so much for the lovely towels.  They arrived within a week and they are lovely.  Can’t wait to try them out at swimming.  I also love the humour on the label.  Great customer service.

I never thought I'd be excited to open a parcel I knew contained towels! What was inside didn't disappoint. Thank you so much for two beautiful soft fluffy hooded towels that will be perfect for my super tall 10 month old. He grew out of his baby towels months ago and has had to make do with grown up towels which do nothing for his thick crop of hair. I can't wait for bath time!

I just wanted to say i received the towel and I'm so pleased with it! You can't buy a large hooded towel of decent quality (and without ears-my husband detests the ears!) in the shops or really anywhere on this is perfect.

I bought Hooded Owls for my nephew and niece for Christmas. I looked after the children, this w/end, including bathing them and I just wanted to to say how wonderful I thought the towels were, so soft, thick and absorbent, I will make sure I recommend you to friends! Well done.

Just received the beautiful hooded towel for my daughter - am so impressed with it.  It's so thick and luxurious!  I am very jealous as I would love one for myself it's so cosy!!  Thank you so much for processing quickly too!

Just wanted to say that having ordered the towel, we absolutely love it!  It really is beautiful quality and my daughter loves snuggling in it after her bath!  Can’t recommend highly enough.


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