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Making bathtime better…

Bath time with young children can be one of the most stressful times of the day; you’ve battled through dinner, coaxed them into the bath, endured a meltdown over hair-washing and now you've finally got them out to dry, they are adamant on escaping the bathroom and making as many rooms of the house as wet as possible - whilst also getting cold.  And if you add any siblings into the mix, you can double, treble or quadruple the chaos! 

We’ve been there too, we know it can feel impossible, but we have a solution we hope you'll think is as functional and fantastic as we do...

At Hooded Owls we make large hooded towels for children aged up to 13 years that are thick, soft, fluffy and absorbent.  Hugely generous in size, the towels come with a double layer hood for absorbing water from the thickest of hair and a stylish decorative trim that can be personalised.  Importantly our towels also feature a pop fastener, meaning they can stay closed like a poncho so toddlers stay nice and dry whilst running around, and older ones can have some ‘hands-free’ privacy when they're getting changed.  And when you want the full towel to get dry, simply release the popper!   READ MORE...

Christmas gift bundles

If you're thinking of giving one of our hooded towels as a Christmas gift, we've created some fabulous Gift Bundles offers...

There are 4 to choose from - our Bathtime Bundle (choose a hooded towel + a bath toy or gift), our Bath to Bed Bundle (choose a hooded towel + a pair of pyjamas), our Bedtime Bundle (choose a pair of pyjamas + a nightlight), or a lovely Stocking Fillers (a facecloth + a novelty sheepsmilk soap). For more details, see our Christmas Gift section.

Bathtime bundle
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Bath to bed bundle
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Bedtime bundle
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Facecloth & soap set
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