Bath towels

Our story

Back in 2013, with two children aged 3 and nearly 5, we were still using the baby hooded towels we bought when they were born, but they were looking decidedly on the small side!

My mum came to visit. “I think it might be time to get some bigger towels,” she said. “You’re right,” I agreed, “but I like having a hood on them and I can’t find any nice, big hooded bath towels anywhere.”

“Leave it to me” said my mum. The next time she came to visit, she brought two lovely fluffy white towels with hoods, one with a fairy trim, and one with dinosaurs. Friends came to play and saw the hooded towels, and they wanted some too...

...So here we are, my Mum and I, having set up Hooded Owls. We'd love to hear from you, so if you'd like to share any thoughts, please email us at or find us on facebook here