Arrive “swim-ready” for lessons in line
with government COVID guidelines.

The government has announced that swimming lessons for children under 18yrs can resume from 12 April 2021. As before, Swim England recommends that clubs restrict the use of changing facilities and swimmers are advised to arrive and leave ‘pool-ready’ – ie. in swimwear without getting changed or showering on the premises.

Our large hooded towels are ideal for little (and not-so little) swimmers needing to keep warm before and after their lessons.
    • They are all made from 550g Egyptian cotton, so are thick, warm and super soft,
      • A double thickness hood absorbs water from their hair,
        • Their generous sizing means there is plenty of cloth to wrap up in,
          • A pop-fastener at chest height keeps the towel closed 'hands-free'.



          What size hooded towel do I need? 

          Towel length is a very personal thing so although we offer some age guidelines, it’s best to measure the height of your child.  For swimming we think our towels fit best when they hang around mid-calf to prevent them from dragging on the floor and getting wet. Take a look at our size guide below to work out which size will best suit your child. And if it turns out to be the wrong size, don't worry, we offer free returns on unwashed, unused towels.


          Can I get my child home in the car whilst wearing their hooded towel?

          This will depend on the height/weight of your child and which category car seat they are in, but the short answer is yes for any child in a high backed booster seat or beyond (car seat group 2/3). 

          We have found the best way of getting a child safely in the car is by un-popping the towel, getting them comfortably sat in their car seat with plenty of towel pulled around them, before fastening the safety belt over the top and re-popping the towel closed meaning their arms and bodies stay snug underneath. 


          They seem expensive - are they worth the money?

          All of our towels are made from premium quality, thick Egyptian cotton, and are larger than the majority of other towels on the market. This means that they are soft and warm to use, wash really well, and will last for years.

          Feel free to read our reviews to hear what our customers think of them.


          With a selection of colours and trims to choose from, there’s no getting muddled with siblings' towels.

          Check the chart below to see which size you need, and click on the category to choose your favourite colour and trim!

          Which size do I need?

          We have two sizes of hooded towel: standard and jumbo.

          Standard hooded towels

          Our standard hooded towels measure 90cm from the top of the hood to the bottom of the towel and 130cm across the width.

          We suggest standard size towels for children who are toddling, right through to approximately 7yrs.


          Jumbo hooded towels

          Our jumbo hooded towels measure 120cm from the top of the hood to the bottom of the towel and 150cm across the width.

          We suggest these for children aged 7 or 8 yrs and upwards.

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