Not only are our hooded towels brilliant for bathtime, they're excellent for swimming too! 

Our hooded towels are an essential kit item for many customers whose little (and not so little) ones use them for swimming.  

Made using a high quality Egyptian cotton, they not only keep them warm and snug before and after the pool but they encourage independent dressing too.

Here's why...

  • All of our towels feature a pop-fastener at chest height.  It means children can pop the towel closed for warmth and privacy leaving them both hands free to wriggle out of wet swimwear and into dry underwear or vice versa 
  • For little ones, this helps promote independent dressing (it also makes an awesome cape!) whilst older children can happily get changed alongside their peers without the fear of dropping their towel
  • Then like magic, the towel can be un-popped when they want a good rub dry or they're ready to take it off
  • To top it off, a double thickness hood means faster drying for even the thickest of hair!

With a selection of colours and trims to choose from, there’s no getting muddled with siblings' towels or loosing them in the changing room!

Check the chart below to see which size you need, and click on the category to choose your favourite colour and trim!

Which size do I need?

Towel length is a very personal thing so although we offer some age guidelines, it's beat to measure your child.  For swimming, we think our towels fit best when they hang around mid-calf to prevent them from dragging on the floor and getting wet. 


Standard hooded towels

Our standard hooded towels measure 90cm from the top of the hood to the bottom of the towel and 130cm across the width.

We suggest standard size towels for children who are toddling, right through to approximately 7yrs.


Jumbo hooded towels

Our jumbo hooded towels measure 120cm from the top of the hood to the bottom of the towel and 150cm across the width.

We suggest these for children aged 7 or 8 yrs and upwards.


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