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Our Thoughtful Move To Organic Cotton Towels
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Our Thoughtful Move To Organic Cotton Towels

At our core, we’re committed to making choices that not only benefit our customers but also prioritise environmental impact. After careful consideration and extensive research, we’ve made the decision to transition our towels to organic cotton. This move aligns with our values of sustainability as organic cotton is not only gentler on you, but also kinder to the planet. Want to know more? Read-on!

Organic cotton farming skips the nasty chemicals (synthetic fertilizers and pesticides) in favour of good old-fashioned natural processes (that use far less water). That means no harmful pesticides polluting the planet and no questionable additives sneaking into your little one’s towel.

All our towels are now Oeko-Tex certified and have the GOTS certified organic approval, which is the leading standard for textiles made of organic fibers - Perfect for those wanting to opt for a natural and sustainable product with all the environmental credentials to be proud of.

With no harsh chemicals, toxic dyes or synthetics, this makes our towels incredibly soft, super absorbent and long lasting, giving you that feeling of comfort and leaving your little ones fresh and dry after use.


Where Are Your Towels Made?

Your towels are designed with precision in the UK and are meticulously crafted in Northern Portugal, by our trusted mills and makers who boast an impressive 49 year history of towel manufacturing expertise. We take pride in partnering with some of the best artisans who share our vision of prioritising sustainability and empowering local communities. Through close collaboration with our partners, we ensure that each stitch reflects our dedication to quality and care, delivering a product that we are genuinely proud to offer.

 All The Benefits!

Moisture absorbent -Organic cotton fabrics boast excellent moisture absorbing properties, making them ideal for keeping your little ones dry and cosy post-bath or swim. 

Breathable - With exceptional softness, they are naturally and wonderfully breathable on your skin.

Gentle - For children with sensitive skin or allergies, organic cotton towels provide a gentle hypoallergenic option, free from harsh chemicals that may trigger reactions. Basically organic towels are just pure, soft goodness all the way! 

Feel good factorBy choosing organic cotton you’re not just investing in top notch towels, you’re also supporting a move towards a happier and healthier planet. From reducing water consumption to eliminating toxic chemicals - these efforts work towards a more harmonious ecosystem. 

Natures Best - Organic cotton fibers are naturally durable, which means they’ll last longer than synthetic materials. With proper care, they maintain their softness and absorbency wash after wash, offering both value for your pocket and sustainability for the planet. And when it’s eventually time to part ways with your beloved hooded towel, take comfort in knowing that cotton is biodegradable, and will never be sitting in landfill.

We hope you’ll be blown away with the plushness of our new organic cotton range with towels that are as soft on your child’s skin as they are on the planet. Here’s to happy kids, happy skin and a happier planet.

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