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Sweet & Scented: Our Fragrances Explained
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Sweet & Scented: Our Fragrances Explained

We're all about happy bath times and making sure it's a fun-filled experience of splashes, laughter and play. There’s nothing that gets kids quite as excited as the idea of a colourful bath that fizzes and swirls to create amazing 'bath art'! And a delicious smelling bath bomb is always the cherry on the top.

Each of our colourful ranges have their own playful fragrances:

Unicorns & Magic Charms:

Vibrant and sweet, this range has a bubblegum-inspired fragrance that exudes playfulness and positivity. It combines cotton candy, ripe pears, a hint of juicy cherry and the comforting warmth of vanilla. 

Dragons and Lava Rocks:

This range has a vibrant, woody fragrance with the freshness of uplifting lemon citrus and cool mint, on a foundation of warm ginger and nutmeg. 

Clouds and Rainbow Ripples:

This fresh fragrance is a wonderfully fruity fusion of strawberry and raspberry, paired with juicy plum and zesty citrus, all wrapped up with a subtle sweetness of vanilla and jelly sweets.

Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Snacks:

These have a lively scent that fuses zesty bergamot, the allure of blackcurrant, the crispness of apple and pineapple with the depth of musk and the comfort of warm vanilla.

Mermaid Tails and Sea Trinkets:

This range is scented with the sweet, floral bloom of jasmine and the richness of cacao and warm vanilla.  

Sharks and Shark Bites:

This range has a gentle fragrance, scented in deep bergamot, calming lavender and uplifting geranium. There is also a hint of vetiver, which is a grassy scent that'll transport you to lying on the lawn during a warm summer's day.

Rockets and Cosmic Clusters:

This range has the delicate essence of  floral Jasmine balanced with a rich, earthy scent and the warmth of amber.


We hope you have fun trying out our range of playful scents, and we'd love to hear which one's your favourite!

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