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How to Make the Perfect Halloween Bath for Kids
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How to Make the Perfect Halloween Bath for Kids

Halloween has a magical power to excite kids almost as much as Christmas, but if your little ones are too young to go out trick or treating then you might want to make some spooky, fun Halloween magic at home.

Our 'Trick or Treat' bundle helps do just this and turn bath time into a spooktacular adventure! 

So, here's how we're making Halloween bath time a real treat (and with some added creative tricks too)!

  • Creepy Colours: Our Goblin Treasure bath rocks are packed with amazing orange, purple and black hues that turn the bath water into a bewitching fizzing cauldron of colours.

  • Glow in the Dark Surprise: Dim the lights to create a soft eerie glow with some fake LED candles or glow sticks scattered around the room. 
  • Eerie Encounters: To give the bath a creepy, crawly feel why not throw in a few plastic spiders or eyeballs. Surprise guests in the tub will hopefully add a heap of giggles to bath time!

  • Bubble Trouble: Of course, no bath is complete without bubbles. Pour in some pixie potion bubble bath and whip up some bubbles. Start creating foam monsters with the bubbles!
  • Potion Play: The mini witch's cauldron is perfect for little ones to brew their own magic potions in the bath. It comes with a pack of potent purple, fizzing bath dust so you can pour as much or as little as you want into the cauldron, then add a little water and watch it bubble and fizz as the potions are made.

  • Spooky Tunes: To set the mood, play some eerie Halloween tunes softly in the background. It's amazing how the right music can transform bath time and add some eerie excitement! We like the 'Disney Halloween' playlist from Spotify.
  • Halloween Story Time: After the bath, wrap them up in our hooded towels and snuggle down to read a story. We love ‘Room on the Broom’ by Julia Donaldson.

Getting your kids BOO-tifully clean has never been easier - they'll soon be shouting 'quick, run the bath'!

Wishing you and your family a spooktacular Halloween season filled with fun and memorable moments. 🎃👻

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