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Creative Autumn Birthday Party Ideas
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Creative Autumn Birthday Party Ideas

September is the official kickoff for autumn birthdays and it's a month that never fails to keep us busy with birthday festivities.

Planning a party for your little one is no easy task, but having a smaller gathering is often the most fun and hassle-free to organise.

We’ve put together 4 themed party ideas to spark your imaginations and help you host a memorable party for your little one.


  • Magical Wizard School

This is a mix of a Harry Potter theme that can be combined with Halloween fun. Think black, white and gold decoartions, and potion making madness.With a playlist of Halloween songs and costumes of wizard robes, witches hats and sparkly wands this is a great theme for this time of year.

Food: Eye ball meatballs & wizard hat cookies, decorated with colourful icing and edible glitter.

Activity: Use our Halloween ‘boil and bubble’ potion kits for a magic potion making session. Kids can learn how to do magical spells over their potions and finish with some spell binding dancing too. 

Party bags – a 'hocus pocus' bag of fizzing bath dust £4


  • Movie Party

Set up a cosy seating area with blankets and pillows and put on a ‘back to school movie’ like 'Matilda' or ‘High School Musical’.

Food: Set up a popcorn bar and serve hotdogs

Activity: Little ones may find sitting still for a whole film a bit much so having an activity alongside is a good idea. For example, if you’re showing a movie about animals then have an animal themed activity alongside like a ‘stuffed animal parade’, or a craft station to make animal masks.

Party bags – puzzle books, popcorn or movie posters to match the film.


  • Unicorn Party

A unicorn party with added rainbows and some fairy magic is great for little ones who are mad on unicorns.

Transform your party space into a magical kingdom with pastel colours, twinkling lights, castle backdrops, and fairy tale decorations.

Food: Rainbow fruit kebabs and a confetti birthday cake

Activity: Provide plenty of glitter, sequins, and pastel-colored craft supplies to make unicorn masks, or for a quieter activity (when they need a rest), read a unicorn themed story or fairy tale for a ‘magical story time’.

Party bags – unicorn bath bombs £6


  • Dinosaur Party

Create a party zone teeming with dinosaurs using lifelike cutouts, fossils, and lush jungle decor.

Food: volcano cupcakes decorated with red and orange icing and sandwiches cut into dinosaur shapes.

Activity: A dinosaur scavenger hunt;  print off pictures of dinosaurs and cut each picture in half. Hiding one set of halves around the room and give the others to each child to find their matching half. Our dinosaur swamp potion kits are also great to play with. If you give each child a dinosaur and let them make their own mini fizzing swamp.

Party bags: Dinosaur snack bath rocks £6

Our bath products start from £4 which make them an affordable choice for giving to children as a party bag treat.

Final thoughts? While balloons, a party tea and musical chairs would make a great party on it’s own, adding a theme can kick the fun and memories up a notch. With a bit of luck, you’ll make it through the chaos of shrieking children and have a very happy birthday boy or girl by the end of it all.

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