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Waterways week 6 - Tin foil river 💦 ⛵
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Waterways week 6 - Tin foil river 💦 ⛵

Another week has flown by along with a sunny bank holiday 😎 : we hope you're all still keeping well and battling through.  Are you enjoying our series of water play activities?  Is there anything you'd like to see more of?  If so, please get in touch here and if you do have a go yourself, we'd love to see your pics #owlplay 💛

This week we're sharing an outdoor water play idea aimed at KS1 aged children (although our 7 year old was very happy to join in), perfect for a week off 'school' with lots of scope to extend into other play ideas! 

So grab yourself a roll of tin foil and read on... 

What you will need:
✔ 1 roll of tin toil
✔ Pebbles, rocks and other 'obstacles'
✔ 'Toys' or props to play in the river
✔ A hose 
✔ A bucket (optional)
✔ A boat load of imagination

✔ A facecloth for hand-drying
Step 1 
You will probably need to use an entire roll of heavy duty tin foil for this but there's not really a right or wrong way to roll it out, so just roll out the foil for as long as you want your river to be, doubling it over before folding up the sides.  
Step 2
If your garden has a slope then position the river downhill and take advantage of gravity, if not, you can push the middle of the river down into the grass so that the water flows better.  A bucket at the end to catch the water and toys is optional!
Step 3 
Fill your river with lots of pebbles, stones, rocks and other obstacles, then turn on the hosepipe.  The harder you turn on the tap, the faster the river flow will be.
Step 4
There are endless ways to play with your river so it should keep them occupied for several days! You can build a dam, sail a boat down it, race milk carton tops or let your LEGO figures go for a swim as we did...  
Step 5
A small towel or facecloth might come in handy to dry the toys off.  Aerodynamics you see are very important for speed and that matters when you are racing against your big brother / little sister! 😉 
Step 6
We know what you are thinking, those facecloths are things of beauty... well guess where they are from?! 
This activity can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, you can even use a sand pit to create an entire scene... We'd love to see how inventive your little ones have been, so please do post your pictures if you have a go at this one.

Have fun and see you again next week! 

Love, all of us at Hooded Owls 

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