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Waterways week 4 - Water wall fun 💦🔨
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Waterways week 4 - Water wall fun 💦🔨

Is it week 600 or only 7? We've lost track but either way, we hope you are all hanging in there and managing to juggle home life, work life and school life ... we know the struggle is real!!  At least the sun is back so that gets a big thumbs up from us and because of that, we've devised a lovely outdoor waterplay activity for this weekend before the colder weather comes back next week.  All you'll need are some old bottles from your plastic recycling bin and your best handy skills 🔨. 

Don't forget, if you have a go yourself, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #owlplay we'd love to see your pics 💛
What you will need:
✔ 6 plastic bottles, containers or other 'funnels'
✔ Scissors 
✔ 6 Nails 

✔ A surface to nail the bottles to (a fence or a pallet work well)
✔ A hammer
✔ A bucket of water
✔ A towel to snuggle them dry!
*This activity involves scissors and a hammer so should be set-up or led by an adult.  Children can watch / get involved at the adult's discretion based on their age but wait until the water wall is finished to play with it*
Step 1 
The first job is to rifle through your recycling bin to find six suitable bottles or containers to create your water wall; milk cartons, drink bottles, dishwashing detergent bottles and shampoo bottles will all work but try to make the bottles as transparent as possible so that you can watch the water flowing through them. 
Step 2
Find a piece of wood you can attach the water wall to. We used an old pallet but an existing fence or piece of old wood is also great, without causing more damage than a few small nail holes when removed. 

Step 3 
Carefully using scissors, cut the entire bottom off of one of your plastic bottles (this will be the master bottle at the top of the water wall and the one you'll pour the water into) 
Step 4
At this point you'll need to use a hammer and nail to secure the master bottle to the wooden surface you are using.  From here you can set up the water wall however you want. It can be fiddly so plan it out first, cutting the bottles and securing them as you go.   
Step 5
Once all the bottles are in position, pour water from the top and watch it flow all the way to the bottom.  If you used translucent bottles, add a drop of food colouring to the water to make it even easier to see and all the more fun!  

Step 6
TIP:  If you collect the water in a bucket at the bottom, you can use it to refill at the top! 

Quick, first one to get a bucket... go!

Step 7 
Experiment by poking little holes into the bottom of some of the bottles to create rain features

Step 8
The water will have no doubt gone over them as much as down the water wall, so once they are finished dry them off in a big snuggly hooded towel... and guess what, we can help you out with this bit!

This one does take a little more adult involvement than the others we've suggested but once made, can be left up for the entire summer as an activity they'll come back to time and time again, leaving you more time to have a minute's breather... you're welcome! ☺

See you again next week! 

Love, all of us at Hooded Owls 

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