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Waterways week 3 - Indoor toy wash!💦
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Waterways week 3 - Indoor toy wash!💦

Another week has passed and we've been so lucky up until now with the weather.  If the rain has dampened your spirits, we hope this super easy indoor (or outdoor!) water activity might brighten your day, you'll only need a few bits from your kitchen sink and some small toys. 

What you will need:
✔ A deep baking tray or large shallow container
✔ A plastic sheet or large towel (optional)
✔ Selection of toys
✔ Bubble bath
✔ Sponges, brushes and cloths
✔ A facecloth for drying soggy hands 

Step 1 
Find a suitable space to set up your indoor toy wash.  We set up in the kitchen, so didn't mind a few splashes of water on the floor but would suggest laying down a towel to mop up any spillages!  Then fill your container with warm soapy water.

Step 2
You'll need a range of washing utensils; sponges, brushes, cloths, old toothbrushes....the more shapes, colours and textures the better. 

Step 3 
Next it's time to let them choose which toys they'd like to clean.  It can be anything from cars and tractors to farm animals, dolls and/or dinosaurs; whatever floats your little ones boat!  They will get mucky before they get clean so it's probably wise to steer them away from their favourites! 

Step 4
If you can, head into the garden to 'muddy' their toys.  The cars might go for a spin in the mud, the dinosaur might fall into a puddle... encourage them to get everything a bit mucky so that they can then give everything a good old scrub clean!   

Step 5
Can't get outside?  Try mixing water and flour with a sprinkle of cocoa powder to make a great mud paste to smear over the toys instead.  Alternatively a chocolate mouse or chocolate yogurt is just as good! 

Step 6
Now that the toys are all dirty, it's time to take them to the wash station and give them a good scrub using all the sponges and brushes.

Step 7 
That's it, keep scrubbing until they are sparkly and clean! 

Step 8
A facecloth or tea towel is perfect for drying off the toys and their wet hands once they are finished cleaning.  Guess where this lovely one is from? 😛 

Easy peasy but this activity should buy you enough time to put your feet up and have a quick cuppa (or something stronger, we won't judge you - social distancing is hard!!)

See you again next week! 

Love, all of us at Hooded Owls 















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