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Waterways Week 2 - Bubble Snake 💦
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Waterways Week 2 - Bubble Snake 💦

We hope you are well; this week we've got a lovely activity you can do in the garden using a bottle and a sock!!  

Don't forget, if you have a go yourself, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #owlplay we'd love to see your pics 💛

What you will need:
✔ A plastic water bottle
✔ A sock (children's socks work best)
✔ An elastic band
✔ Bubble mixture
✔ Bowl or tray to put the mixture in
✔ Your best blowing skills

Step 1 
Carefully cut the bottom off the water bottle, and slide the sock up over the bottle so that the toe is pulled tighly over the base.

Step 2
If the sock is too long, fold the top back down so the neck of the bottle is clear. Place the elastic band over the sock to keep it in place.

Step 3 
Dip the bottom of the bottle/sock into the bowl of bubble mixture and let it soak it up.  

Step 4
Blow through the top of the bottle and watch the bubble snake appear!
TIP: Do not suck - you'll breathe in bubbles

Step 5 
When you've had enough of snakes, a bubble beard is always fun :-)

Or you can just annoy your brother!

It looks like sunshine is forecast for the next few days...  can we make this count as homeschooling??

 See you again next week! 

Love all of us at Hooded Owls 🛀🏽

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