How we're helping change the future

Here at Hooded Owls we're #doingourbit to help make the world our own children and future generations of children live in, a better place.

Doing our Bit

Charity work

Our chosen charity partner is Helen & Douglas House, an Oxfordshire based hospice caring for children with life-limiting and terminal conditions, from birth up to 18 years old.

Helen & Douglas House provides around-the-clock care to families whose children have only a short time left to live allowing mum and/or dad, who are often that child’s carer, time to create happy memories. 

At Hooded Owls we’re big believers in making bathtime fun and so to know that one of the highlights of a child’s stay at Helen & Douglas House is family time in the therapeutic pool, we feel it’s the perfect partnership. 

Time in the therapeutic pool at Helen & Douglas House gives families much needed time for close skin-to-skin contact and cuddles, sometimes only possible with the aid of the water and for many of the children who have mobility limitations, the only chance for them to soak in warm water as baths at home are not possible. 

To date we are delighted to have funded over 25 sessions in the hydrotherapy pool.


Green packaging 

Over recent years we have looked at reducing our environmental impact and are very happy to say that all of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. 

Our cellophane garment bags are made from 100% recycled materials and can be placed in your plastics bin. 

Our boxes are all made from craft cardboard and can be recycled in your paper bin.

For safe transportation of any fragile items like bath bombs, we use a compostable loose fill manufactured from GM free sustainable raw materials in a low energy process.  It is 100% biodegradable and compostable. 

We will continue to review the latest options in packaging to ensure we are supporting our planet as much as possible. 



We are working hard to get to carbon-neutral and will be launching options for green deliveries soon. 

Our towelling cotton is grown and manufactured in Turkey and transported by road to us here in the UK.  By doing it this way, we minimise carbon emissions avoiding air travel and shipment of cotton to factory. 

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