Ready for some Bathtime Adventures?


What is Bathtime Adventures?

Bathtime Adventures is our new range of handmade bath treats designed and created especially for children.

Think novelty bath bombs, colourful bath rocks, glittery bath dust and bubbly bubble bath, all available in a range of fun themes from unicorns and dinosaurs to sharks and mermaids that primary-school aged children love.

Ideal as a bathtime treat for your own little ones, or choose one of our themed gift sets as a birthday or Christmas gift for a friend or relative...

About our products

We make all our products in small batches in our Bedfordshire workshop, using high quality ingredients and food safe colours so that our bath treats are kinder on childrens' delicate skin whilst still giving a big WOW effect in the water. 

And for peace of mind, all our bath bomb products are:

  • Cosmetically tested and approved 
  • Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly
  • Animal cruelty free 
  • SLS & SLES Free
  • Paraben free
  • Nut free


Meet Max & Clemmie

Max and Clemmie are our two Bathtime Adventurers – a brother and sister who have a MAGIC bath! When they sit in the bath and say the magic words, they get Whoooooshed down the plughole and find themselves in all sorts of different places.

You'll come across Max and Clemmie at various points through our products and on social media, but you'll get to know them best through our Bathtime Stories and Adventure Boxes...



Bath bombs, rocks and dust

Bath Bombs are single-use fizzy bath treats that come in a whole range of novelty shapes, characters and colours, often with other hidden colours inside.


Bath Rocks are mini bath bombs in a range of coordinated colours that create mesmerising patterns and 'bath art' when scattered into the bath.


Sprinkle Bath dust into your bath to give a magical explosion of colour, fizz and fragrance to bathtime.


Themes and gift bundles

All our current products are available across a range of themes: unicorns, dragons, sunshine & showers (rainbows), dinosaurs, mermaids, sharks, and space.

We also release special edition seasonal themes which are available for a limited time only. Our current special edition is 'Summer Garden', available until the end of August.

You can buy any of the items as individual products, or as themed bundles, making ideal gifts for little ones who love bath time!


Adventure boxes

Our Adventure Boxes follow our Bathtime Adventurers, Max and Clemmie, on their escapades down the plughole.

Every box contains an illustrated story about their adventure, and is filled with a selection of specially created and selected products that link to the story, so that your little ones can join in with Max and Clemmie, or create their own version of the adventure.

Collect the set for your own little ones, or buy as one-off gifts for a friend or relative!


Buy one hooded towel, get another half price!

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